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The experience of meditation forms the core of our programmes. From your first meeting onwards, you will be able to try meditating at home. 

At the meeting, there will be no bending and stretching type physical exercises – participants will be seated comfortably throughout (as such, a yoga mat or any other type of equipment is not required).

Our classes and courses are designed to help participants get into a genuine meditative state, which can be felt tangibly. Achieving yoga in this way is quite effortless and spontaneous.


All meetings will include the following:
  • An introduction, structured for complete beginners.

  • A guided meditation session. No prior experience is required. Beginners will experience the state of meditation for themselves. This section represents a collective meditation, which is often a powerful experience for both old, and new. Many regulars find this to be a weekly opportunity to ‘recharge and revitalise’.​​

We almost always have a ‘workshop’ – a practical, hands-on opportunity to focus on specific chakras, and increase one’s experience of vibratory awareness.

Classes can also feature introductory talks, different types of guided meditations, videos, presentations, practical workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and question & answer sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone attend this meeting?

Yes, everyone interested in meditation is most welcome.

Are the classes and courses really free?

Yes, the classes and courses at our public programmes are entirely free. Weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation meetings take place across the UK, and are also free - you can attend as many times as you like, without any charge.

What if I have a bad back, or if I'm unfit?

Sahaja Meditation does not involve any strenuous physical exercise. It is focused on silent meditation, and during the class this is done whilst sitting comfortably in a chair.

Do I have to have previous experience?

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience. And you may start whenever convenient for you – each class is presented as an independent module, and there is always an introduction to the basics, with a guided meditation experience.

Can I attend only the sessions I can make it to?

Yes - please feel welcome to attend any sessions that you can come to.

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