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We’ll Come to You

The Berkshire Meditation Team would be delighted to conduct free classes and courses at your local organisation or workplace (*).


What’s on offer?

At your venue, and at a convenient time:

  • An introductory programme, including an easy-to-follow guided meditation

  • Three follow-on sessions, in total forming a comprehensive four-week introductory course. During this time, volunteers from your organisation can be trained so that they can continue delivering the sessions beyond the four weeks. In this way, your organisation can establish a regular meditation routine, beneficial for workers and your organisational outcomes.


Simply fill in our Contact Form below with details of your request; we’ll be in touch within a few days.


The Berkshire Meditation Team is formed of trained and experienced volunteers, who will be delighted to do their best to bring the benefits of Sahaja Yoga to you. Please note that events at your local organisation or workplace will be arranged subject to the availability of our resources, and no guarantee is given that all requests will be fulfilled.

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